Green Oasis Wadi Al Dawasir, Saudi-Arabia

2007 bis 2022

The Green Oasis of Wadi Al Dawasir is being developed in the middle of the desert as a new urban centre. The existence of three wadis with their water resources is the main asset of this location, qualifying this site in the desert plain for agricultural use. Cultivation is traditionally pursued in circular fields irrigated by sprinkling systems. To uphold this exceptional context, a compact urban shape was developed recalling these fields. They consist of merging star-shaped decagons, a geometric shape that has been common in the Arab world for centuries. Consequently, these shapes will be a familiar reminder of old traditions in the new town. Each of the decagons is themed with a certain dimension of development. The central star accommodates the “medina” with a mixture of living, service and shopping facilities, with squares and semi-public patios.