Wohnen in der Nawiaskystraße, München

2012 bis 2015

The concept for the open space design connects three elements of built form in open arrangement of buildings, which complete an existing entry of residences in closed arrangement of built form. The new elements lie alongside of paths/ exceptionally accessable for emergency cars at the side of a local street with turning area. The elements of built form are individually framed by private open spaces within surrounding green areas. These ones are in total and partially around the buildings in a space-building way enclosed by hedges and trees. This generates a spatial differentiation of different public and to small-spatially private open spaces. The walking paths/ emergency accesses offer view connections between groups of trees. Built form is marked in its corners by colorful leave-trees, highlighting the “isles” of built form in the “green” in their arrangement. The location near to a road with frequently heavy traffic becomes upgraded for urban uses of an “inner urban edge”.