Office Buildings

MK8 Microsoft, Parkstadt Schwabing, Munich

2014 bis 2016

Built form and open space close the space framing the central park of Parkstadt Schwabing. The building complex is loosened by yards structuring three readable units which are also recognizable alongside the road-facing side. The arrangement of built form is enclosed by local streets, alongside the long and the short sides. Trees frame built form, with differing centryn widths and colors of leaves relative to the side of street: Large-centryn trees mark the image parallel to the passing by main road. Small-centryn trees complete the frame around the central local park and are, themselves, framed by a coherent belt of a concrete bench . The park is spatially connected with built form by entrances and yards and receives thus width and depth by built form. The concept for planting is strict geometrical, highlighting the geometry and transparency of architecture and creates view and path connections between the linearity of the central park and the niches of the yards. The enrichment of small-climate conditions on private ground is completed by extensive planting on the roof surfaces.