LMU Clinic-Großhadern – New construction Campus Großhadern

2018 bis 2020

International Competition Health-Campus inside the Park The new university hospital in Großhadern is one of the most important and largest university hospitals in Europe. The surrounding green areas enable the creation of a unique park in which the various functions of the clinic are seamlessly embedded. The clinic becomes an environment for the patients that promotes recovery through contact with nature. The park-like character of the campus is continued through courtyards, the forecourt and also inside the central access area. The large, central area of the existing park will be supplemented and the flowing park paths will be linked with the courtyards, the outdoor seating areas and forecourt areas. The building will be divided into several volumes, with frontal areas and entrances on all sides, making the clinic an open, human ensemble. Open Space Concept The conception of the outdoor facilities is part of the gradual development of the building in several construction phases. It includes basic measures in the existing public space on the streets and existing developments on the clinic premises, as well as the enrichment of high-quality open spaces that strengthen the character of the clinic, large-scale parks, small-scale green spaces, intensively greened inner courtyards that can be used by employees and extensively greened roof areas the rebuilding. The result of these measures will be the following structure of the greenery. All building wings have green front areas or paved entrance areas. The paving will be extended into the rear areas, encompass essential parts of the ground floor zones and frame existing and future large, green courtyard areas. There are structural innovations in the area of the forecourt in the west. The clear design language and the play with the topography create a high-quality, greened lounge area under trees. The entrance to the underground bicycle parking garage is optimally integrated and a taxi ride or right of way is guaranteed at the same time. All components of the concept complement each other in the geometric layout of areas and accompanying or crossing paths for functional areas as well as in the organic layout of crossing paths for areas for recreation and relaxation. The Park is interwoven with the functional areas through diverse connections and made easily accessible for them. The result is a park landscape that brings the park to the south up to the clinic building and connects it, green areas in front of the building and an attractive forecourt, which is an increase in value for the clinic itself as well as for the surrounding neighboring uses in the sense of a "green lung" . The roof landscapes are enhanced by individual patient gardens and the surrounding extensive greenery and create an inner peace that can be optimally used by all patients. Rows of deciduous trees continuously accompany the local development (primary development as a central connection axis between two sides of the clinic use; secondary development for delivery, emergency traffic and fire brigade on rear property areas on both sides of the central connection axis).