Siemenstown 2.0 in Berlin

2020 bis 2022

Siemenstown 2.0 is a demanding new urban development project within so far sub-urban structures, synthesizing a variety of goals in an innovative future location. Each part of the quarter has its individual characteristic with an own-standing, identity offering center, equally being interconnected with the surrounding urban fabric as an urban pattern to be perceived. The urban fabric, i.e. building fields, paths and view connections as well as the open spaces are to be developed from the existing situation and to be overlayered by new components, building typologies and spatial qualities. Existing building fields, path connections, infrastructure and green spaces are continued. The landscaping concept starts sensitively from the history of place and contributes, by developing new open spaces, to a sustainable environment. Core-areas are to be remained, whereas other green spaces are to be developed, providing for new identities in consequence of the design of streets, places and yard-spaces. In their entity, the open spaces will contribute to supporting the future communities. There are to be distinguished urban main streets and places, where trees are planted orthogonally and open spaces and side streets, where plantings are arranged like landscape. The track of Siemensbahn is to be designed as landscape and to be integrated usably into the outer areas. Herewith, locations for staying and playing can arise. The desired measurements for noise protection may find realization here. All the roof surfaces receive an extensive greening with rain water retention.