Together with OX2 Architects and mÜcke Stadtplanung, we took part in the competition for the masterplan for the city of Bad Godesberg. A total of 13 offices took part in the two-phase competition. Together with three other offices, we have reached the second phase and further deepened our design from the first phase. The basic concept of the master plan for the inner city of Bad Godesberg defines a broad view of the inner city. The area between Godesburg in the north and Theodor-Heuss-Straße in the south, as well as the areas along Kurfürsten-Allee in the west and the quarters along the railway line in the east are designated as the so-called KERNSTADT. These areas surround the largest property in the city - the spa gardens - as an open, green center and meeting point for all the surrounding quarters and neighboring districts of Bad Godesberg. See the competition here: Masterplan for the city of Bad Godesberg